Electromedical devices

Inhalation spa therapies

In recent years the growing interest in learning the details of the therapeutic properties of spa waters has laid the foundations for modern medical hydrology, encouraging realisation of the health effects of mineral substances dissolved in water.
Hence the creation, based on scientific grounds, of genuine spa therapy that can achieve excellent results. Spa therapy is always provided under the careful supervision of specialists.

Monopolar radiofrequency

Monopolar radiofrequency is undoubtedly one of the most effective modern technologies. It considers the patient as an intrinsic part of the electric circuit that transmits current and waves; hence, we have an electrode on the handpiece and one (the patient return electrode) on a pad that touches the client’s body.

Find Me Service

Managed localisation and monitoring service for people with orientation difficulties

The service is designed to offer families assistance when caring for people with various diseases associated with degeneration of cognitive capacity. It also provides relations and family members with a device that locates their loved one when he or she is outside the house.