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Nutraceuticals are nutrients contained in foods, and have a beneficial effect on health.
They are found in nature but industrial transformation generally deprives them of their properties.

Nutraceuticals can be extracted, synthesised and used for food supplements or added to food.
Indeed, medicinal plants and functional foods are some of the most precious allies of wellness and balance for our body.

Prevent4you has, therefore, only chosen the ACTIVE ones, whose efficacy is underpinned by scientific research not only through clinical studies but also by means of in vitro studies to obtain efficient and safe products.

Icona nutraceutici Prevent Osteo

Prevent Osteo

Encourages the physiological structure of bone tissue

PREVENT Osteo 60 tablets

Promotes bone health by supporting bone tissue structure and integrity.

Icona nutraceutici Prevent Flor

Prevent Flor

Encourages bowel health

PREVENT Flor 30 capsules


Icona nutraceutici Prevent Ox

Prevent Ox

Fights damage caused by free radicals. 

PREVENT Ox 60 tablets

Against oxidative stress and to fight damage caused by both free radicals and by cell ageing with a natural antioxidant action.

Icona nutraceutici Prevent Cole

Prevent Cole

To reduce cholesterol levels

PREVENT Cole 30 tablets

When cholesterol levels exceed the reference range, the walls of arteries are impaired with a subsequent increase in the risk of cardiac diseases, such as infarction, ischaemia and cerebral stroke.