Online pharmacy

Online pharmacy

4Prevent Data Management Software

The choice of which road to take will depend on the client’s needs.

We have decided to have total control over the quality of services offered to Users who choose our solutions and devices. This enhances efficiency, work organisation through the 4Prevent Platform so that you can remain innovative in time by accepting the extraordinary opportunities of growth and development that Digital Transformation offers society in the Third Millennium. The operating mode has changed in the age of the Internet, and 4Prevent has chosen technological devices that can adapt to change while ensuring continuity with the applications installed. We offer the option of using 4Prevent’s Data Management Software on the Web to telematically access products and applications that are available on 4Prevent’s proprietary technological infrastructure. Data managed through the database ensure all qualitative standards, both locally and on the Web. The use of the data management platform and protected connection, enhanced for 4prevent solutions, and access to either our servers or those of the Cloud Provider chosen by us are integrated into a single service that is both easy and uncomplicated for the User. The 4PREVENT platform allows easy control and simple management of an infrastructural network by interfacing various professional figures (Pharmacies, Polyclinics, specialists) in the world of health and wellness. The strong point is implementation or a web-oriented framework that allows a very high degree of integration, research and ongoing improvement in response to client requirements.

Technical support

How can we be of assistance to you? 4Prevent’s assistance is entirely summarised in this phrase.

Assistance to clients is 4Prevent’s strong point. With the 4Prevent platform you will have a unique point of access to rapidly and easily request and receive information, solutions and assistance for 4Prevent products and services. We deem that today, more than ever, it is important to offer our clients Solutions, instead of proposing a product that is an end in itself. This vision makes it essential for us to follow the client in the course of time, offering not only assistance and maintenance for the systems installed, but especially consulting services required to ensure growth based on the client’s changing needs. A highly skilled team that is talented in various sectors is our distinguishing feature. It is the driving force of the collective intelligence that guides our activity, a guarantee of excellence.

Your website

4Prevent has a Marketing and Communications Department specialised in the pharmaceutical sector, and the website proposed by us is not a product in itself but an extension of our services. To be effective, a website must be constantly followed and updated. Hence, 4Prevent offers you an all-round marketing service that ranges from the creation of your advertising campaigns to the publication of contents on your website and on leading social networks. The website is entirely customisable, designed to include sections, such as photo gallery, mailing list management, product list, or a complete e-commerce section.

Since today the Internet is mostly accessed from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, every site created by us includes an optimised version for these devices.

Social Network

Presence on social networks is crucial for every business.

4Prevent can help you reach new clients by publishing your offers and initiatives on your Pharmacy’s Facebook page.

Moreover, promotional offers regarding 4Prevent services will be published at our expense in adverts targeted at a public selected by place of residence, age and interests. Hence, you will be able to easily reach not only your clients who already follow the page but also many users of the Web who are potentially interested in your services. The service can also be extended to your promotional offers.

App for smartphone and tablet

The pharmacy in your pocket, always.

The 4Prevent App available for the most common smartphone and tablet models provides an ever open communication channel with clients.

The combination of 4Prevent’s App and Data Management Software is designed for clients to:

  • receive your offers and promotional initiatives in real time;
  • book 4Prevent examinations and receive the report directly on the telephone;
  • request a medicine with a photograph of either the prescription or the package;
  • receive the 4Prevent Newsletter on a weekly basis.

Moreover, with geolocation, 4Prevent clients transiting in your area will be directed to your Pharmacy.