4Prevent self-screening and rapid diagnostics

Provette per analisi

Self-screening allows to rapidly and safely obtain precious information about our status of health, helping the attending doctor to identify and prevent important conditions and even to control the efficacy and progress of a therapy in progress.

Self-screening at the Pharmacy requires neither queues nor bookings.
The instrument required to perform analyses is always ready for use, and in barely a few minutes yields reliable results the person can submit to the attending doctor.
This can either prevent or control the main diseases, since each of the parameters measured by self-screening is an indicator that is closely related to the risk factor of either onset or presence of one of the many diseases that have the highest incidence.

Apparato per l' analisi del sangue

Self-administered blood test

Self-administered blood test at the Pharmacy allows to measure essential parameters for the prevention and detection of important diseases that can either be prevented or controlled. 

Apparato per l' analisi delle urine

Self-administered urine test

 A new trend in urinalysis
 4Prevent is the most advanced analysis system for urine.