Self-administered urine test

A new trend in urinalysis

4Prevent is the most advanced analysis system for urine.

The instrument offers a wide range of optimised features:

  • for every specimen examined, additional notes (colour and aspect from predefined lists) and additional comments that will complete the report can be easily and immediately added with the software;
  • database management allows patient data traceability and ensures the required Quality Control by applying several filters;
  • personalisation of the QC protocol according to laboratory regulations and standards;
  • the option of adding reference values from Control Urine Samples;
  • the last 1,000 QC results are always available (circular memory);
  • high precision test for a new LED-based interpretation technology;
  • sensitivity settings for strip reading;
  • colour touchscreen operations;
  • autostart function (automatic detection of the presence of the strip);
  • internal printer that is easy to load with paper;
  • automatic, rapid and silent printing of results;
  • management of patient data and of QC;
  • individual settings (Header, Visual examination, Comment, Batch and expiry of the reagent);
  • automatic shut-off of the display and then of the instrument after an inactive period;
  • up to 120 tests/hour (in FAST mode) or 50 tests/hour (in NORMAL mode).


Results are directly read on the strip (after about 60 sec.).

Combi Screen Plus offers protection against ascorbic acid in the glucose and blood test.
This reduces false negative results caused by interference with ascorbic acid.

The following parameters can be detected:

  • leukocytes
  • Nitrito
  • nitrite
  • proteins (albumin)
  • pH
  • blood
  • specific gravity
  • ketones (acetoacetic acid)
  • bilirubin
  • glucose
  • ascorbic acid
Strisce per analisi urine